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Game Servers

Playing together is always more fun, so why not host your own server?

Starting from €6.49



With a database you can keep your player data or other information central. Some plugins require a database to function so it's handy to have. We run all our databases in a clustered configuration. Keeping your fun services up and working.

SFTP Access

You want to import your server or have easy access to all your server files? Each package comes with direct SFTP access to have just that. Using a program like 'filezilla' is like using your file browser but for direct file browsing on your server, all simply through remote controls.

Dedicated IP

Every server gets a port coupled to the main servers IP. Although maybe you want something more special or direct to just your server. For those who request a Dedicated IP address we offer IPv6 addresses only. For more information please fill out a support ticket or contact us directly.